13th of September 2014

Workshop: 10:00 am

Johnny Patience will offer a free one hour workshop (plus one hour of Q&A) about shooting film before the photo walk. The workshop will cover all necessary basics (metering, exposure, common misconceptions and differences vs. shooting digital) and is directed at digital and film photographers with an intermediate level of expererience (ability to shoot in manual mandatory). The workshop is limited to 15 participants.

Stephen Bartels Gallery, 30 Churton St

Richard Photo Lab Kodak Alaris

Private Gallery Viewing: 1:00 pm

Stephen Bartels from SBG has invited all LNDNWLK participants to a free private gallery viewing. Stephen Bartels Gallery is a dynamic Gallery in London that represents select photographers from all over the world and exhibits their work on High Definition screens.

Stephen Bartels Gallery, 30 Churton St

Start: 3:00 pm

Stephen Bartels Gallery, 30 Churton St

Finish & Dinner: 6:30 pm

The Hoxton (open end)
Menu I (at GBP 35,- per person)

What is LNDNWLK?

LNDNWLK is a London-based informal photo walk and social gathering that is open to all photographers.

There are two optional events being offered before the walk begins. At 10am there will be a free one-hour film workshop hosted by Johnny Patience, with an hour of Q&A afterwards. The second event is a private gallery viewing offered by Stephen Bartels Gallery at 1pm.

LNDNWLK officially commences at 3pm in the afternoon and will continue for about 2-3 hours, starting from Stephen Bartels Gallery and following a route past Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, along the River Thames to St. Paul's Cathedral and past the Museum of London, along London Wall and through Finsbury Circus. The walk ends at The Hoxton where you are invited to join us for dinner.

You are welcome to attend as many of these events as you would like to participate in. Spaces are limited to 15 for the workshop, 30 for dinner and 35 for the photo walk, so please confirm early. We hope to see you there!

Who will be there?

Mathieu Gasquet (gallery + dinner)
Heather Broster (gallery + dinner)
Johnny Patience (gallery + dinner)
Rebecca Lily (gallery + dinner)
Stephen Bartels (gallery + dinner)
Matthew Dodwell (workshop + gallery + dinner)
Matt Erasmus (workshop + gallery + dinner)
Mark Hales (gallery + dinner)
Finbar Bogerd (gallery)
Alan Duff (workshop + gallery)
Robert-Paul Jansen (workshop + gallery + dinner)
Sam Burton (workshop + gallery + dinner)
Chris Mann (workshop + gallery + dinner)
Tom Welland (workshop + gallery)
Liam Beeton (workshop + gallery + dinner)
Verity Milligan (gallery + dinner)
Rachel Challis (gallery + dinner)
Matt Wilkinson (workshop + gallery + dinner)
Thomas Menk (workshop + gallery + dinner)
Katja Leicher (gallery + dinner)
Andrew Spencer (workshop + gallery)
Rafael García Marquez (workshop + gallery + dinner)
Matthew Marshall (gallery)
James Harold (gallery)
David Morris (gallery + dinner)
Steve Davis (gallery + dinner)
John Barwood (workshop + gallery + dinner)
Robert Pugh (gallery + dinner)
Jesse Dart (workshop + gallery)
Alistair McLean (gallery + dinner)
Douglas Mason (gallery + dinner)
Daniel Cuthbert (workshop + gallery + dinner)
Claire Voyle (gallery + dinner)
Ben Syverson (gallery + dinner)
Kin Chan (gallery + dinner)

See who all came to LNDNWLK 1.0!

Available Spaces

Workshop: 00/15 (no spaces left, waiting list)
Gallery: 00/35 (no spaces left, waiting list)
Walk: 00/35 (no spaces left, waiting list)
Dinner: 02/30

Join Us

Please send us an email to [email protected] if you would like to participate, and include your name and website address so that we can link you.

Please also let us know whether you would like to participate in the film photography workshop, the private gallery viewing and if you will be joining us for dinner at The Hoxton afterwards so that we can reserve a seat for you.

We're looking forward to meeting you in London!